Quality Month Celebrations In KRAMSKI 26th Oct 2016





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Quality Month Celebrations In KRAMSKI 26th Oct 2016

Quality Month Celebrations

KRAMSKI Stamping and Molding India Pvt. Ltd., an injection molding & precision stamped parts manufacturer, located at Vellore celebrated October as Quality Month. They invited NIQR to partake in their QM celebrations on 26th Oct 2016 in their premises. NIQR National Vice Presidents Dr. V Swaminathan and Mr. S. Rajasekaran graced the occasion.

Mr. S. Rajasekaran gave a lecture on Supply Chain Management describing how SCM is essential to meet the end customer requirements. He also elaborated on today’s industrial scenario and the recent spurt of recall of vehicles in the present Auto Industry.

Dr. V Swaminathan detailed the Vision & Mission of NIQR and gave an elaborate picture of TQM in Indian Industries and the various steps required to upgrade to next level.