Guest Lecture By Saswat Das In MGR on 24th February 2017

Student Chapter - Guest Lecture by Saswat Das in MGR
Guest Lecture by Saswat Das in MGRon 24th February 2017

NIQR Student Chapter – Dr MGR Educational and Research Institute University

Lecture on Solar PV Power and its Prospects

NIQR Student Chapter of Dr MGR Educational and Research Institute University, organised a guest lecture on 24th February 2017 on “Solar PV Power and its Prospects” for the 2nd year & 3rd year students of mechanical engineering department.

Dr. M Ganesan, Prof and HOD of Mech Engg Dept introduced the guest speaker Mr. Saswat Das, Director of Sunmeister Energy Pvt Ltd. to the Forum.

In the beginning itself, Mr. Das enthused the students to be interactive to gain full knowledge of the topic. He explained the pattern of energy requirements and how the world is moving in the right direction and by how much India is lagging behind. He then explained the technical and economical considerations of photovoltaic devices such as solar bulbs and rooftop installation of solar panels.

He explained to the students about the different types of panels such as Polycrystalline, Mono crystalline and thin film panels. The details about the materials used such as c-Si, GaAs and CIS and their spectral response characteristics of solar modules were shared to the students. The students gave an excellent feedback about the lecture and wanted NIQR to arrange lectures every quarter.